Monday, September 1, 2008

Oh, the Wonder!

Last week, I was thrilled to pieces when we found butternut squash at the grocery store. I have come to adore butternut squash, and I was like a little kid in my excitement. It was 90 degrees today, but I thoroughly enjoyed our squash at supper... the taste that signals the coming of autumn and lots of other lusciousness.

Find some butternut squash and fix it like P-Dub. It is glorious!


Anonymous said...

The first time I ever had squash was at KBC (it apparently was "poor peoples food" so my family didn't eat it). I fell in love with it and love it to this day. I never make it (cause I don't cook), but whenever it's available on a menu I get me some.

Anonymous said...

Ok...I realize that sounded totally snobbish, but I didn't mean it that way. I missed out on a lot of really great foods because of this strange unspoken rule in my family about what types of food we were to eat.

I still need to eat catfish, however. That hasn't been marked off my list.

Laurel said...

I didn't think it sounded snobbish, but maybe that's because I know and love your family.

To give credit where credit is due, it was your mother that taught me that olives can be yummy cooked in food. I still drool when I remember the chicken enchiladas she made once when I visited. Yumm! I'd love that recipe! (hint, hint)